DMZ Agent via Onprem Collector R7 Endpoint

Hello friends,

Is it mandatory to have the R7 agent communicate with R7 cloud.
In detail would like to know if servers in a DMZ must necessarily pass their data over the internet or can this also be done through the onprem collector.
I seem to have read somewhere that an agent can also pass the necessary information to R7 via an onprem collector, only can’t find where I have read this or made it up :slight_smile:

I also read Insight Agent using the Collector instead of direct communication
This was a discussion in 2021 and then it was not possible to communicate via the collector instead of direct communication with R7 Cloud. Perhaps now it can be done, although with a trick.

Kind regards.

Hi @mtasova , yes the agent can leverage the Collector as a proxy see here Insight Agent requirements - network traffic and connectivity | Insight Agent Documentation

Hi @mtasova, like @david_smith said your agents will always try to reach your collectors first, if it is not reachable then only it will connect the platform directly.