Distributed Scan Engine

In the event that the server that the primary InsightVM console sits on with a local scan engine were to experience failure, is the Distributed Scan Engine able to pickup and act as the primary Console? Does it keep a mirrored list of remediation’s, vulnerabilities, assets, scan schedules and such?

The Distributed Scan Engine will not act as a fail-over console. Only Scan Engine components are installed on the Scan Engine machine. The Scan Engine will only temporarily keep data from a scan. After the scan is complete, the data will be integrated into the in-product database on the console machine.


@faiz_patel is spot on with the Scan Engines not working as failovers.

For your conversation around failures you should ensure you are doing backups. You can either do a full image backup of the server itself AND/OR local console backup.

Generally speaking I suggest to do both if you can or at least do the local backups. I suggest having these done on a scheduled cadence following these docs here

Keep in mind that if you only do a local backup and you’re not performing a full image backup of the VM you’ll want to have a job run to copy the backup .zip files to a separate server as well as the creds.kspw to restore old credentials.

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