Discuss vs. Voice?

Greetings, everyone! First-time poster here, and I’d like suggestions on how to distinguish between Rapid7 Voice, and this forum here. I presume this one is for more technical questions, while Voice is more high-level?

I’m new to the R7 trenches. My key concerns will involve learning LEQL and incident response and handling, so my goals will be more technical in nature.

Thanks again!

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Welcome to the community, Eric!

I’d say that you’ve got it pretty much right when it comes to Discuss vs. Voice. Here on Discuss, we do a lot of digging into the products, their features, how to use them, and all that good stuff. LEQL and incident response would fit right in, here. :slightly_smiling_face:

Discuss is intended to be an open, accessible community, and the user base consists of both fellow customers and Rapid7 product and services team members. Since there’s a good amount of R7 folks on here, we’re happy to chat feedback and share our own expertise when it comes to using our tools, as well.

Thanks for posting, and I hope to see you around the forum! :wave:

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Thank you for the introduction! I look forward to learning about LEQL right away.

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For sure! We do have a page in our docs with lots of example queries that could serve as a good starting point. Otherwise, feel free to share your own questions or queries here, and we can try to help.


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