Difficulties with the InsightIDR front end

After working with InsightIDR extensively for the past year, I would like to address some difficulties I face as a user. These issues mainly involve the interface’s auto-loading of entries (like infinite scroll) which makes some tasks difficult or take longer to accomplish. I truly hope to see some of these improvements realized, but nobody will know unless I speak up first! Here are a some of the functions affected:

Log Search
When I pause typing in the search field or make changes in my Log Set selections, the automatic starting of log searches drastically reduces responsiveness of the platform. I would love an option to simply turn this off.
The horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the Entries and Table tabs does not function while new results are loading. Sometimes when I want to scroll to the right, I must go to the bottom of the results, but then it loads more data, making me wait more. I cannot scroll the right while viewing the middle of the results, so I’m forced to use the clunky middle-click scroll and overshoot the data I’m aiming for. All this forces me to export a CSV and just examine the data in Excel. A solution here would be a permanently visible scroll bar that works while results are loading.

Alert Modifications
It’s not possible to sort the list beyond modification types. This requires us to review the modifications one by one, rather than holistically by user or asset. Further, we cannot pick out modifications for disabled users. I know we can search for specific rules, but this becomes impractical as more modifications are created. I think the simplest solution would be the ability to export the alert modifications to CSV. (Note: I tried to highlighting and copy but that doesn’t work due to the constant refreshing of the highlighted selection as you scroll.)

The Learning Center floating compass icon gets in the way. It’s impossible to close and could easily work from the top bar where there’s plenty of space.

Dark mode. I heard it’s on it’s way, just want say I’m quite eager for this one. :blush:


Hi, Mike!

Head of InsightIDR UX here. :wave: Great usability feedback and thank you for speaking up. It helps us make the product better for your everyday use. :slight_smile:

Some good news:

  • We do have upcoming enhancements to our alert modification experience overall. We’re working on this new experience as we speak, and I’d love to include you in early usability feedback sessions when we get there.
  • Hmm, bummer to hear about the “compass” icon. Are there specific areas of the product that this becomes more troublesome? Would you be willing to hop on a video call with a member of my team to walk through this particular pain point?
  • Dark mode, you say… :eyes: This is also something we can show a preview in a video call.

Just let us know if you’re interested in any of the above, and we’ll follow up via email.

Thanks again for the helpful feedback, and happy Friday!



Hi, Gwen. Count me in! Thank you for the opportunity to help make the product better. I can’t wait to take you up on that dark mode preview.

The Compass icon mainly gets in the way in Log Search (tedious to find vertical scroll) and Investigations (overlaps with Close button). And get this; when clarifying the Compass icon point, I clicked on the blue circle near it and just discovered the arrows that scroll left and right. I barely noticed before since they’re so close together. I don’t know how I didn’t notice them before, perhaps there’s some UX psychology involved there :slight_smile: While I’ll certainly make use of them in the interim, the scroll bar would be the ideal fix IMO.

I truly appreciate the response and wish you and the team a good, safe weekend.


Log Search and Investigations definitely make sense. I have a few other hunches, but we can dig into when we get time together. We will follow up via email from this point on. :slight_smile: Thank you again!!


Hi Gwen - I cannot click the current day without first clicking another day. Today is the 28 if I click the 28 as the start date, nothing happens. If I click the 27 range change to 27th to 28, I can then click 28 and range changes? This works as expected on MAC, not Windowsimage Item number 2 is add a few more arrows in Investigation image


Hi, Jeff!

Looking into the date picker: When you’re having trouble with the date picker, are you:

  • Getting a completely empty Investigation UIs?
  • No feedback at all from the UI so nothing changes, but the start date and end date is set to the 28th?
  • It does not let you select the 28th at all as the start date?

I’ll get someone to help dig into this for you.

For the second screenshot, are you indicating functionality to move between different investigations, moving between alerts within one investigation, or something completely different? Let us know! :sweat_smile: