DHCP Log Discovery Connection Directory Watcher > Server 2012

I’m curious if anyone has implemented the Directory Watcher DHCP Log Discovery Connection on a DHCP server that is greater than Windows Server 2012.

Obviously we don’t want to use an EOS OS so our DHCP servers aren’t running on 08/12 and that’s the only versions that have been tested for Directory Watcher, before I go through the process of creating a scheduled task to export these logs outside the default directory (which is what’s required) I was curious on the varied experiences (if any) for users who have implemented this on newer OS’s.

We currently have it configured on 2019 without any issues at all.

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How do you guys handle moving the log files to a directory that is separate from the DHCP database files?

In the DHCP console you open Properties for the IPv4 or 6.
Then in the Advanced tab you can specify to directly put the logfiles in a separate log location.
So then you just specify the folder which you have setup as a Share for your IDR Collector / IVM Console to connect towards.

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Thanks for the info!

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