Deleting old scan data


We have a couple of assets that have historical scan data that we want to get rid of. Back in October, these assets were scanned via authenticated checks, and we have since modified our scanning strategy for this particular group of assets - and no longer want to run authenticated scans there.

However, this scan data from October remains, so - we’re looking into how we can get rid of that. I looked at the documentation and searched for discussions on this subject here, but have not found anything so far.

Please help!

Hey @jhaltorp, if the scan data you’re looking to get rid of is reasonably old, one suggestion would be to configure your data retention policy to remove old data. Though you mentioned that your data is from October (is that 2021?), so I’m guessing that you wouldn’t want your restrict your data retention to that degree.

If that’s the case, another thing you could do is delete the assets whose scan data you want to get rid of, then rescan them with your new scanning strategy. The old scan data should be removed at that point, though I believe the vulnerabilities will still be there. Hopefully that helps a little.

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I second what holly has mentioned with the data retention. I think its best if we assess how long we need to keep data around for.