Delete Inactive Assets with InsightVM from Teams


I am currently trying to implement this workflow(Rapid7 Extensions) into my org and I am having a little bit of an issue. For some reason after making the designated changed per the instructions it doesn’t seem to be triggering in MSTeams. Team name(string), channel(string), and asset group number(integer) for the dynamic asset group have all been updated to reflect our environment via Workflow parameters. The only other item that I changed was in the “Delete Inactive Assets Trigger”, the message content was changed to “!delete-inactive-assets-old”.

When attempting to trigger the workflow a new conversation is started and !delete-inactive-assets-old is submitted in the chat.

I’m going crazy here, so any assistance is much appreciated.

*Workflow setup shows successful for teams and the console. Also the InsightConnect user is an owner of the Team and channel in MSTeams.

It looks like you have everything configured correctly from reading your post. Is this your first workflow triggered with Teams, or do you have others that are working currently? Usually when I have an issue with a new workflow triggering via Teams/Slack it is because of a spelling/capitalization error somewhere either in my trigger text or channel.

Weird so I reimported the module, made the changes in the instructions and tested it. The workflow executed with no issues. I edited the message contents from “!delete_inactive_assets” to “!delete_inactive_assets_old” and the workflow did not kick off. I changed it back to “!delete_inactive_assets” and it did not kick off. I feel like that parameter should not break the workflow. It is super weird.

Now it is working. I published changes, deactivated the workflow. Re-enabled it and it took a couple tries, but after a couple minutes it looks like it is working now with the custom message contents. Still learning Connect, so I appreciate your input! <3

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