Decisions, join paths and variables


I’d like to check if there has been any changes since this post which discusses the use of variables in workflows.

My use case is I have a workflow that is triggered by the Inbox Forwarding rule in IDR - there are multiple types of logs that can trigger this, with the same fields we need to use in slightly different places in each log. What i want to do is have a decision step based on the log type, then have steps in each path to pick up the relevant information from the fields in the relevant log and then join the paths together and continue on with steps which are identical regardless of the actual log.

I could use global artifacts, but that adds additional steps to ensure they are empty before starting etc and I’m not sure how that works if two identical workflows launch at the same time. I’d like to use something like the workflow parameters but they can’t be changed within a workflow.

Is there an obvious solution that I’m missing or is the better option just not use a join step and just have almost identical steps in each decision path (which seems wrong)?


Either use a Join after your decision with a the results of the decision, you can filter after that if it is null; or use a Snippet that each decision triggers with different inputs based on the decision path