DateTime including epoch on each step?

I know that there is a step to get epoch from date and I use that, but it doubles my steps when I use the “subtract from date” or “Get Future Time” and it would be nice if the steps included epoch as an output with the timestamp. But i do understand the concept of one function per action

Do you want something like “Get future time from now” and “Subtract time from now”?

Can you elaborate on the use case? We might be able to create more actions for them.

I use it like this:
I get an alert, I then get the time an hour before and an hour after the alert time to do checks for other activity. These “earliest” and “latest” tines require epoch

When the alert comes in, does it have a date stamp or epoch?

Or is it the actions after that require the epoch?

I’m looking at the docs for datetime, and it looks like all the mathy functions take a timestamp and return a timestamp.

it comes in as epoch, I convert it to timestamp so i can add and subtract, then convert back to epoch

Ok cool. That’s what I wanted to know.

So, there are a couple of ways we can go about fixing that. I agree, it’s a pain. We can give you epoch math functions, or we can try to dynamically look at the input for timestamps or epoch, and return both as outputs.

Let me talk to the internal team and see what we want to do with this.

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