DateTime Formatting

I pull a UCT Timestamp from an alert, does anyone have a good way to convert this to human readable without using a custom Python Script?
“2023-12-07T17:48:50Z” to “12/17/2023 5:48:50 PM”

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I do not have a current solution outside of scripting. The Get Date Time action in the Date/Time plugin supports modifying the output to meet your needs, but does not accept input. I put in a feature enhancement request for the plugin to allow actions such as “convert to local time” to be customizable. If it is picked up I will update this thread Brandon.


I’ve just run into this as well, trying to grab the last 1d of Closed investigations on a Timer trigger from InsightIDR.

Formatting the date to the format that InsightIDR expects it appears not to be possible with the Datetime plugin. It’s outputting 2023-12-07T17:48:50Z, which InsightIDR plugin doesn’t accept, and the Datetime plugin doesn’t have a formatter that takes arbitrary input.

@darrick_hall1 if we update the plugin I’d recommend looking at consistency (or at least a way to make consistent) with the date format of the Timer trigger, and the input of the InsightIDR actions.

You can use pattern match to pull specific parts of the date/time and reorganize it with their respective variables latter on, but you wouldn’t be able to convert from 24h to 12h format without scripting.


  • Pull Time and date as separate variables in pattern match: Alert creation time: {{creation_date:/\S/}} {{creation_time:/[^.]*/}}.**
  • Reorganize in artifact: {{[“Pattern Match - 1”].[creation_date]}}T{{[“Pattern Match - 1”].[creation_time]}}+00:00

If I’m going to do Regex, than I might as well use a PowerShell step.
It would be nice if the Datetime → Get Datetime had the option to put a string or leave blank for current time, and provided this output.

Get-Date 2023-12-07T18:48:50Z | Select-Object *

DisplayHint : DateTime
DateTime    : Thursday, December 7, 2023 1:48:50PM
Date        : 12/7/2023 12:00:00AM
Day         : 7
DayOfWeek   : Thursday
DayOfYear   : 341
Hour        : 13
Kind        : Local
Millisecond : 0
Microsecond : 0
Nanosecond  : 0
Minute      : 48
Month       : 12
Second      : 50
Ticks       : 638375537300000000
TimeOfDay   : 13:48:50
Year        : 2023


Get-Date 2023-12-07T18:48:50Z | Select-Object * | ConvertTo-Json
  "DisplayHint": 2,
  "DateTime": "Thursday, December 7, 2023 1:48:50PM",
  "Date": "2023-12-07T00:00:00-05:00",
  "Day": 7,
  "DayOfWeek": 4,
  "DayOfYear": 341,
  "Hour": 13,
  "Kind": 2,
  "Millisecond": 0,
  "Microsecond": 0,
  "Nanosecond": 0,
  "Minute": 48,
  "Month": 12,
  "Second": 50,
  "Ticks": 638375537300000000,
  "TimeOfDay": {
    "Ticks": 497300000000,
    "Days": 0,
    "Hours": 13,
    "Milliseconds": 0,
    "Microseconds": 0,
    "Nanoseconds": 0,
    "Minutes": 48,
    "Seconds": 50,
    "TotalDays": 0.5755787037037037,
    "TotalHours": 13.813888888888888,
    "TotalMilliseconds": 49730000.0,
    "TotalMicroseconds": 49730000000.0,
    "TotalNanoseconds": 49730000000000.0,
    "TotalMinutes": 828.8333333333334,
    "TotalSeconds": 49730.0
  "Year": 2023