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Hi Guys,

Does anyone have prior experience on exporting incidents and investigation from InsightIDR to ServiceNow ticketing system? May I know if there are something that needs to be specifically configured or I need to take note of?

We reference the integration here: ServiceNow | InsightIDR Documentation

Currently the servicenow guy am talking with created a REST based for this on his side and provided me with the URL and the basic authentication. Just that if we tried to export the Incident details to ServiceNow it always says “Exporting to ServiceNOW Ticketing Failed”. No errors on the communication going to the URL as we opened any outbound communication from the collector in use.

Also tested the details given by the SNOW guy thru postman, it works as expected and a ticket was created in SNOW.

Any suggestion is much appreciated.

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Hey Noel,

I think you opened a ticket with support about this also, right? An engineer should be in touch with you shortly to discuss this in more detail with you, but for now I can tell you that the ServiceNow integration has a known bug resulting in this error message. The product team have been made aware of this and we’re awaiting an update from them on how we plan to resolve this.


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Hi Tony,

We are currently experiencing the same difficulties integrating ServiceNow with IDR.

Has the problem been resolved yet? If so, could you please tell me the steps to follow?

Is there a ServiceNow plugin for IDR integration?

Please clarify this for me.

Kind Regards.

We are close to releasing an update for this @btraore1 . I don’t have a definitive ETA when it will be delivered but it shouldn’t be long.

Thanks Tony.

Could you please keep me informed when this update is published?

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