Dashboard to query assets that are missing a particular software

We are trying to build a dashboard query in InsightVM (not Asset Group) to find assets missing a particular software product. We have tried every which way to make this work but the logic does not seem effective.

In our case we want to find: Microsoft OS assets that DO NOT CONTAIN "softwarename"

We have tried using ‘product name does not contain’, ‘product vendor does not contain’, in various different configurations and each attempt we get nearly all of our Microsoft OS assets back, but not filtering on the software. Any advice here?

While in the Query Builder, go into expert mode and use roughly the same logic.

Don’t do this:

asset.os.vendor = 'microsoft' && asset.software.description DOES NOT CONTAIN 'example'

Do this:

asset.os.vendor = 'microsoft' && !(asset.software.description CONTAINS 'example')
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Awesome thank you John! That did the trick. Didn’t think about using the ! logic

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