Dashboard to PDF Scheduled as Email Monthly

I was told that it is possible to go beyond the Dashboard to PDF feature and attach it to a schedule that emails the dashboard PDF out Monthly by a R7 senior product security consultant, but I cannot seem to get it setup. My recent response to him:

"“Exporting Dashboards on a schedule: You can set a dashboard to export to a PDF on a set schedule using the Report Builder. More info can be found here:
Reports Archive | InsightVM Documentation

I cannot find Report Builder in InsightVM and the Reports section does not show any option to choose a dashboard for a recurring PDF report by email. Also, the link you provided has no mention of Report Builder…. However, when in the Insight Platform Reports area there is no option to choose an existing dashboard that I want the report based on…."

Does anyone know how to get this done?

Can someone get back to me on this?

This would be super useful. I am hoping for this capability soon.

There are two ways to navigate to the Reports Archive.

The first is to click “Reports” on the left navigation and then click the “Take me there” button on the blue banner which appears at the top of the Reports page.

The second is to append /report/manage to the url when on a cloud page. Example: https://exposure-analytics.insight.rapid7.com/#/report/manage

Once on the Reports Archive page you can either create a new report or click the three dots on the right of an existing report to Edit Report.

The Schedule & Email options are on the last step of the workflow wizard, in the Configure screen.


THANK YOU! I must say, the GUI is not clear or that intuitive to figure that out. When previously saw that ‘share with’ setting, it appeared to be just to provide access within the portal and nothing to do with email.

You’re very welcome :slight_smile: I do think we could make improvements here, I will be sure to pass this along to our internal teams for review!