Dashboard or report to show trends for multiple asset groups in one place

We have asset groups set up per region\tech support team. I’d like to create either a dashboard or a report to show the Trend graph (that appears top left when you select an asset group) or similar for each of these asset groups in a single document. Dashboards only allow queries per dashboard, not per cards as i understand it and I don’t really want to have to run multiple reports per asset group and then copy\paste something.

Please could you let me know if this is possible? Thanks

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You can run queries per card, click to expand the card. Then once on the card you can load a card query from the top right.

Thanks John - all the cards I’d looked at didn’t have the option to Expand the card. I’ve just added a few more random cards and can now see that some have this option and others don’t . For example, ideally I’d like to have multiple regional copies of the ‘Assessed Assets vs Risk Score’ card to show progress over time, as that is easy to understand for the target audience but that card doesn’t have the option.

I’ve found that the ‘Vulnerability Trends by Severity: Stacked Area Chart’ looks as though it will show something useful for us, so i’ll use that and hope the target audience make sense of it, but please let me know if I’m missing something on the ‘Assessed Assets’ card.

The assessed assets is meant to be a global card from my understanding. I would be curious if it actually changes depending on the scope of the dashboard query.

The assessed assets does change depending on the dashboard scope. For a brief moment i considered creating a dashboard per region and doing it that way, and decided that (whilst it would work) I’d get carried away adding lots of fun cards and scaring off the audience!

Anyway, I’ve got what i need from the Vuln Trends area chart now so all good for me. Thanks for your help.