Dashboard Export to PDF Broken?

Looks like one of the latest console releases broke my ability to export a dashboard to PDF.

I’m getting a red “There was a problem exporting the report. Please try again later” banner at the top.

Anyone else seeing this issue?

Hi Chris,

I don’t think this is related to the latest console product release, I’ve seen a couple of other customers report this and I’m able to reproduce in one out of four of my internal labs, please standby and note we are looking into this and we’ll address as soon as possible!



Hi There,

Can you please confirm if you’re still encountering issues? I’ve been told this should be resolved now but I would like to make sure you’re all set first :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Looks like everything is working now. I was able to export a number of dashboards to PDF that previously didn’t work.


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I’m very glad to hear that Chris - thank you so much for your patience with this one and apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you!

Can I tack on to this thread? I’m unable to move any dashboard cards. The I’ve attempted this through multiple browsers to no avail. I can drag the cards and the mouse cursor will change, but the cards are not re-arranged. This is for Dashboards that I do own.

Mike - oh no! I’m sorry to hear that. Are you a global administrator by chance? If so, could you create a new test user for yourself and tell me if you experience this same behavior? I’m just trying to narrow down if this is user-specific. I’ll await your response!

Hi Gina! Yes, and I asked other platform admins to check as well (I did not create a test user). Our app sec guy who is also a platform admin noticed that only certain cards will move, and the ones that were successful made POST requests (POST to https://exposure-analytics.insight.rapid7.com/ea/dashboard/api/1/dashboards ). So I think this isn’t user-specific.

Mike - Thanks so much for the additional details, this was very helpful! Let me do some digging and see what I can find.

I may have spoken too soon. The reports run now, but when I just tried this morning, they’re completely blank.

Hi Chris,

We have an inquiry open with our Engineering team for Executive Reports which are loading blank which we were able to reproduce but we are not able to reproduce any other dashboards which were loading blank reports, sorry about that. I would suggest opening a case with support to see if they can identify something specific within your har log or org that can help narrow down the issue - I will be heads down for a bit and I don’t want to be a bottleneck for you getting a resolution on your reports in case the Engineering fix doesn’t solve for your use case as well.


Mike - this has been qualified as a defect, thank you for your help in identifying this issue, I sincerely appreciate that! :slight_smile:


Just FYI our Engineering team fixed the issues related to our Executive Reports which were loading blank, not sure if your other dashboard cards are still loading blank - I am not sure if you opened a case or not but I did want to inform you of the resolution of the issue I initially reported back just in case the two happened to be related :crossed_fingers:


Gina - Thank you so much for following up. I checked the reports just now and they’re not blank anymore - looks like it may have been related.

Thanks again for all your help!!!

Hi Mike,

Another update for you that this defect has now been resolved and this issue should be fixed for you - hopefully you can confirm by trying to move some dashboard cards around and they should move to their correct locations now for you! Please let me know if you continue to encounter any issues.


Everything seems to be in good order! Sorry again for attaching my issue to this post. Thanks Gina and Team!

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Hi. I amfacing this issue. Is there a solution ?