Dashboard Card Limit

Hi there!

I’ve just realised that I can’t create new cards in my dashboard, apparently I’ve reached the limit! :wink: Since when is this a thing?


I was used to have one big dashboard with all my cards for all my relevant stuff in there. Right now it consists of > 80 cards for various things, from AD actions to firewall to network controller to webserver logs etc. I’d rather have more options to group/space my big dashboard instead of creating different ones because it takes more time to check 3 dashboards (because each one has to get loaded seperately) than to scroll through my big one with all the information I need.

Iam wondering how others feel about this change? Right now I can circumvent this because I have some “place holder cards” in there as well to group/space my dashboard but Iam afraid when I really hit the wall with that limit.

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Hi Robert,

Thanks for the feedback!

We did add a limit of 30 cards per dashboard late last year. We needed to add this limit to ensure loading speeds remained as quick as possible for all our customers.

I know it takes a bit more time, but it could be worth checking out the Dashboard Switcher at the top of your dashboards (the little arrow icon), that can help you jump between dashboards more quickly!


Hi Cathal!

that’s unfortunate for me! :wink:

Yes, I’ve tried the Dashboard Switcher but as I’ve said, it’s slower because data has to be loaded first, but I guess I’ll have to live with that. One thing that jumped in my face: the Dashboard Switcher dropdown is not ordered by name but rather … random, see here:

Dashboards to open:

Dashboard Switcher:

Edit: The same is valid for the Copy Dashboard Card function, the Dasboards are not ordered nicely by name.


Thanks Robert - Great feedback, I’ll get this back to the team.