CVSSv3 and CVSSv2 SQL Datawarehouse

So i’m using this query in pgadmin or in datawarhouse

JOIN dim_vulnerability USING (vulnerability_id)
–date < (NOW() - (45 * INTERVAL ‘1 day’))
COALESCE ( cvss_v3_score, cvss_score ) >= 8

Only problem is that it uses the cvssv2 if theres not cvssv3 which is great. But i only want it to be shown if its the cvssv2 is past 45 days- This is giving my admins cvssv2 if v3 is missing that are like only 2 days old. If it has to make the replacement only.

So when i send a report that says here are all our 45 day past due vulns that need to be rememdiated asap, they look and its cvssv2 that is only 2 days old not 45 days passed due.

Help greatly appreciated.