CVE-2021-41617 - False positive

We have Linux hosts in OEL7.9 and OEL8

Our OEL7 hosts have been patched. addressed by the package openssh-7.4p1-22.0.1.el7_9. Rapid7 is incorrectly reporting the OEL7 hosts as vulnerable to CVE (ELSA-2022-2013) requiring a later version of openssh (openssh-8.0p1-13.el8).
Rapid7 is able to see the installed openssh version.

"Vulnerable OS: Oracle Linux 7.9

openssh - version 7.4p1-22.0.1.el7_9 is installed"

My understanding is this is an active vulnerability for OEL8 hosts but is a false positive for OEL7/RHEL7 hosts .