Customized workflow to restart collector service from Insight Connect

Is there any way we can create a workflow in insight connect to restart the collector service automatically when they are inactive without logging into the server.

That’s an interesting use case.

InsightConnect does have an SSH plugin: Rapid7 Extensions

You could run it on a Timer trigger (Rapid7 Extensions) on a schedule, perhaps hourly or more often, and run a command to check on the process, then confirm its status, use a Decision to determine the path, and if it’s inactive, issue a restart with the SSH plugin as well.

A cron job on the Collector might also work to achieve that, but InsightConnect will give you an easier way to view the status and ensure it stays reliable without logging into the server.

Thanks for getting back. Currently we are running the collector on Windows OS, so why do we need to have SSH installed. Do we have any alternate method to build the workflow.

That makes sense. An alternate method would be to use the PowerShell plugin (Rapid7 Extensions) in a similar fashion to run remote commands on the Windows host. I am unaware of what may be causing that particular service to be unresponsive, so the command in question will be specific to your needs, but it should be possible.