Custom Plugins Feature

In the custom plugins page, there’s mention of two features that I can’t really seem to find any documentation anywhere. They are very helpful as I would love to be able to extend the InsightVM plugin. Are these supported by the SDK somehow? Or is the idea here that you could fork a plugin and change its spec/vendor/behaviour?

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Hi @namorim,
You are correct, the idea here is that you can either create a completely new plugin or fork an existing plugin from the insightconnect-plugins github repo and then make changes to its spec and behaviour. This can then be used solely by yourself as a custom plugin or additionally, you are welcome to submit a PR to the github repo, if you would like the functionality to be made more widely available.

In order to create or update a plugin, you’ll need to download the latest insight-plugin tooling to help you. Follow the instructions at Getting Started | InsightConnect Documentation to download the tooling from PyPI. Once you have the tooling downloaded, there are a number of sections under that same (getting-started) link, which will guide you through using the tooling, with instructions and videos.

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