Crowdsourcing Feedback on New Feature Name

Hi there! The Rapid7 team is working to launch a new capability in the near-future that provides security leaders with the comprehensive visibility and context needed to track total risk across both cloud and on-premises assets to better understand organizational risk posture and trends through a single, unified view.

We’re looking for some feedback on what we should name this new capability, and would love to crowdsource some thoughts from this community. Please take a moment to give us your thoughts in the poll below!

Q: Which of the following names do you feel best fits a capability that helps teams manage risk holistically across their on-premise and cloud environments?

  • Executive Risk View
  • Complete Risk View
  • Other (please share your ideas below!)

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Thank you so much for taking the time to help. We appreciate any feedback you have to offer!


Known Risk View


Unified Risk View


I’m throwing my hat in for ‘Distributed Risk View’ as well.


Overall Risk View

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Consolidated Risk View

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I voted for complete risk view, but I would also like to pitch the idea of a focused report on Actively Targeted and Exploited Risk.

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