Credentialed scans with SQL servers


I have a question around credentialed scanning and configuring scan templates. The scan template > Database servers tab only shows three different form fields to enter in what seems to be one database to scan? My question is are we able to add multiple databases into one scan template, or would it be limited to one sql db per template?

I can understand if it is limited to just one. If an organization focuses on a golden image as their template across all systems.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice.

So for those three listed in the template, DB2, postgres, and Oracle. You need to specify the database whereas with the other types of databases mentioned in the text above in that template talk about how for Microsoft SQL for example we can enumerate and scan all the databases.

For DB2 and Postgres though, we can only scan one database per template. So if you have either of those services running multiple database you would need duplicate scan templates to scan each one.

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I appreciate you shining some light on this for me. Thank you!