Creating tags for linux servers and network appliances

Hello Everyone,

I am looking for a way to create an asset tag that will aid in separately tagging Linux Network appliances. My environment currently has linux networking appliances, servers, and workstations. I have classified linux servers into OS categories (Ubunut, CentOS, Debian). Trying to find a way to properly tag Linux networking appliances separately for reporting.

To do this you would need to have an accurate fingerprint on those servers. Most likely you would need to provide SSH credentials to these assets so that the scanner can authenticate and get the proper OS. If you are doing this unauthenticated then you are most likely at the whims of what the fingerprinting is able to report on the services found on the Network.

Alternatively if you have these assets in specific networks or have the actual IPs of the servers you could use the IPs to create a dynamic tag. OR you could go to each asset individually and manually tag them with the tag you are referencing.

Awesome thank you John!