Creating a project scope that is referring to the owner tag

Hello Everyone,

Does anybody know if it is possible to use the owner tag in a query when creating a scope for a remediation project?

I have set the owner tag for a few assets and now i try to add a scope to a remediation project where i want to refer to the owner tag but i can not manage to filter on the owner within the owner tag.

Is there a way around or is the owner tag field useless when creating queries?

Yes, this is how 90% of my remediation projects are defined.
asset.tags IN ['<tag name>'] && asset.tags.type IN ['owner']

Hello @brandon_mcclure, thanks for your reply.

When i tested i only used the (asset.tags.type IN) owner tag and that resulted in a list with all the assets that have a owner tag. then i was wondering what the purpose is of the assets.tag.type when i can refer to the owner by just using the regular ‘tags’ contains query without adding the (assets.tags.type IN ‘owner’) added to it?

the asset.tags.type just ensures that you are getting just the owner tags. if you are just looking for one group and you don’t have duplicate tag names, then it isn’t needed.
This is where it would be needed
asset.tags LIKE '%windows%' && asset.tags.type IN ['owner']

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@brandon_mcclure that makes it clear. thank you for your help