Creating a New ServiceNow Incident with InsightConnect

The ServiceNow plugin for InsightConnect has several different actions available for configuration management and incident handling. One of these is Create Incident, which does exactly what it says - allows you to create a new incident in ServiceNow for easy logging, tracking, and resolution of any incidents that arise.

The Create Incident action in the ServiceNow plugin only has a single input field, which is Create Data. This field requires a JSON payload containing data that corresponds to the values with which you want to populate your new incident. Here’s an example of this payload:

  "short_description": "Issues with email account",
  "assignment_group": "IT",
  "category": "Software",
  "subcategory": "Email",
  "company": "My Company",
  "description": "Currently unable to open or send any emails from my inbox.",
  "impact": "2",
  "state": "1",
  "urgency": "1"

These are basic fields that convey incident details, prioritization, and assignment. And of course, the values don’t have to be hard-coded strings - they can certainly be populated with variables from other steps in your InsightConnect workflow.

As you use the Create Incident action, remember that fields in a ServiceNow incident can vary across different environments. Either check the incident schema or work with your ServiceNow administrator to ensure all the necessary fields are included with the request.


I’ve never been able to find a great resource, API endpoint, or steps to identify all the mandatory fields of an incident. Getting the incident schema from https://<instance> seems to be a start but doesn’t provide the required fields.

Anyone ever had success in finding a quick/easy way to identify mandatory fields? I’m sure it could come in handy as the Create Incident action is being configured.

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Do we have any plans to add the capability to create Tasks instead of Incidents with ServiceNow? Some feedback from customers is that they don’t think of remediations as Incidents and are more project based work that take time to get done.

I was looking through the actions for it and we do have a Create CI that allows you to specify the table where the item is created, so I’m wondering if that would work for tasks :thinking: I’ll have to dig into the docs more to see if it’d need a separate action/endpoint.