Create backup at remote location

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Just wanted to know if it is possible to create InsightVM backup file at any remote location ? or we need to manually transfer backup file to remote location from local machine ? If yes, please help me with the steps.

I have referred below article for now.

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I’ve accomplished this by replacing the “backup” directory with a soft link to another location.
So /opt/rapid7/nexpose/nsc/backups is now a soft link to my external file share.

The downside to this is that the “Backup Retention Policy” in the console cannot automatically delete the older backup any longer. You can manually delete the old backups via the console UI, but no automatic deletion. You’ll have to create a cron job for auto-delete.

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Hi @scott_meyer,

Thanks for sharing what you have implemented at your end. However, this seems to applicable for Linux OS. Can you please help me for Windows machine.


Parth Khundiwala

Sorry, I don’t have any experience managing the console deployed to a Windows environment. Our company deployed to Linux

That’s okay. Thanks for your time and response. Appreciated.

Scott, I know this is a really old post but I very interested in the way you set up your symlink. I understand the basic setup but I’m not sure how the symlink is working with the external fileshare. I assume a samba or cifs share on the R7 linux server and symlink the backup directory to it?

I was disappointed R7 doesn’t natively support external backup storage.

@derek_peer : We’ve kept it simple. The symlink simply points to a folder on a separate hard drive on the same console server, so we are only setting up local server permissions.
It’s not an external file share on an external server.
Our console is hosted in AWS, so we have a process that will copy the backup to a separate S3 bucket for long-term and cheap storage in a separate location.

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