Console not responding

Newb here…When I try to browse https://localhost:3780 the console doesn’t come up. I don’t want to reboot (running on windows) to see. The logs aren’t too helpful. I tried restarting the security console service and won’t restart. Seems to be just a launch EXE…any guidance, first time I’ve seen this…

welll…logged into the service and the postgresql service stopped as well and was able to restart both services. Odd…

Did this get resolved? Was there any kind of error message when attempting to access the console? Did the login screen come up, or did it not even make it that far?

TL:DR - yes, this did get resolved.

Longer answer…I’m new to using Rapid 7 (lots of previous experience using Java apps :)) Apparently, I was running a scan on a large site (1000s of assets) as well as performing removal of a previously “large site” from a previous run that happened many months ago. There appears to be some contention on assets that “were in the old” site being removed as well as being in " the new" site. That is a guess, but the service FINALLY stopped, and the database service stopped as well even though I didn’t initiate a command to ‘stop’ the service. Once I started the services back up, things went back to working and scan finished. These are JUST my observations, but I’m also part of an effort to clean-up the InsightVM environment, so who knows what other interesting experiences I’ll have. Hope that answers your question…

Glad to hear it was resolved. I’ve had an issue where the on-prem console gets “stuck” in Maintenance mode and have notes to fix if needed.

Alan - If you could share those notes that could be helpful for the rest of us if we end up getting stuck in Maintenance mode. I know I’d appreciate it.


Sure thing!

If the console gets stuck in Maintenance mode, go to the D drive (or wherever the product is installed) on the server and search for NSC.xml
edit in Notepad++
go to line 16 and change supportProxyEnabled=“true” eaProxyEnabled=“true” to “false” in both areas
save and close and bounce the services again.
Once the console comes back up, reset the proxy settings in the Admin tab and ‘check’ the boxes

Open a case and ask for them to reset the update history for each of the effected engines
Run the commands “ver” and “ver engines” and export the results to the ticket.
They will update you once the reset has taken place and then you can manually run the update

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Hi Community!

If any of you are still facing this issue or encounter this again… please don’t hesitate to open up a Support ticket so we can track it on our end and relay feedback to the Product teams as well. Appreciate everyone helping out here!