Console deployment


Can you tell me the advantages of deploying the security console on-prem instead of deploying it on cloud and azure, and what are benefits is any that comes with deploying the console on a windows host instead of a Ubuntu

There really no advantages one way or another and it entirely depends on your architecture and admins on your team.

If the majority of your environment is in the cloud then I would recommend deploying your console in the cloud as well. Or for example if your environment is mostly on prem but you’re in the process of moving to the cloud then simply deploy your console to the cloud and have an on-prem scan engine deployed. I would also take into consideration the size of your environment as in how many assets do you have. Typically speaking if you have less than 5k assets it’s fairly hard to set it up wrong.

As far as Ubuntu vs Windows that’s al preference to what your team is more familiar with managing. Typically speaking I prefer to do everything Ubuntu when I can and avoid windows. However if your team doesn’t have a ton of Linux experience it may be easier to stick with windows. The only real advantage of Linux over Windows would be that Linux on average uses less resources by default than windows.

Thank you John