Connection secrets as environs instead of JSON?

Anyone have a recommendation for how to avoid inserting connection variables for every sample.json? I’m surprised I haven’t accidentally pushed my credentials to GitHub yet… it would be great if we could set connection variables via shell environs instead. (Super helpful when I’m adding a new action to a plugin, and the way I’ve been doing it is just asking for trouble)

Hey @matt_domko_deprecated, I think that’s a good idea, we also thought about having a connection.json file where icon-plugin would check for that file rather than requiring the credentials for development in each per-action/trigger JSON file. One other thing, if you’re working out of the open-source plugin repo we have the *.json files added to the .gitignore in the repo, so you would have to use a force option such as git add -f to stage a sample JSON file. While not perfect today, it helps reduce the chances of this from happening.

We will look into adding this to plugin developer tooling.

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