Connecting to local instance of Artifactory by Jfrog

Does this connection not work for Artifactory? I know it specifically calls out Docker but there must be a way to connect to my on-prem Artifactory repository. Thoughts?

Hi @jlovik_jlovik,

Our best solution for connecting to Artifactory repos would be through our Registry Sync App. Have you tried this? If not, please let me know how this works out. If you’re still facing challenges, we’ll work on next steps.


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Ok so the registry sync app seems like whole ordeal to setup. I know i got the regular web login connector to work previously. Does the login originate from my Nexpose console (onsite appliance) or does it come from the insightVM cloud? because if it come from the cloud it is no wonder it cant hit my internal servers.

The Registry Sync App syncs to the cloud via an API key, so you’re correct. Nothing actually communicates with the Console.

this private docker registry connection also comes from InsightVM cloud correct? image

Yes it does! Please let me know if you run into any issues.