Commands on the console

Is there a command that can be ran on the console that can tell me if there’s anything going on on the back end? For instance, after running a “restart” command, I frequently have to wait for the console to come down, or when I do backups, it sometimes takes 30 minutes for the console to start in maintenance mode. So I would like to know if there’s a command I can run or some sort of way to see if there are any tasks waiting. I know you can type “?” and it will show you some commands, but that doesn’t help much. Also, we are using the R7 hosted console.

what I do is connect to the host of the console in my case Linux and tail -f the nsc.log file and watch what it’s doing. It will show what modules it is working on etc. at some point you will see the console IP and a message that shows it is up and running

Is your console hosted by R7 as well?