Combine multiple artifacts in a loop after a join

I have a workflow ,that uses a teams trigger, that uses a loop that has 3 discission branches and at the end of each branch I have an artifact that is used to create a message that would be included in the final output of the workflow. I would like to combine any of the artifacts at the end any branch that is followed to one or more variables that could then be used to report back the results to user in Teams the final statuses. For example, the message could be

The following tickets were opened:
<plugin id>:<ticket number>
<additional lines per ticket created>

The following plugins failed to have tickets created:
<plug-in id>
<additional lines per failed item>

The following plug-ins were not found:
<plug-in id>
<additional lines per unknown plug-in ids>

I have a join to join all of the branches together to a single point at the end of the loop and configured to use the variables/artifacts at the end of each branch.

The artifacts in the red boxes below are what are used for the join variable:


The join configuration is the following:


Since I want to send the message outside of the loop, I know I need to configure the loop output for each result. However, I am stuck as to how to get each of the results added to separate arrays to be used as the loop outputs. I figured I might need to use another decision after the join, but I no idea what do after that. I thought about using a global artifact but I am pretty sure that is the wrong approach.

Any direction that can be provided would be greatly appreciated, even if it is a link to documentation I am not seeing.