Collector on Shared asset

Has anyone every ran a collector on a shared application server?
Meaning, have you installed and ran the collector on a server that had other applications running on it, or is everyone here running those on dedicated devices? (virtual or actual)
Would it be possible to run it on a shared device?

Didn’t know if I should post this in the IVM area as well but I have the same question but for a Scan Engine.

Hi @randy_s

I have not ran a collector on a shared server. Principally because I think the collector is a key server in the IDR infrastructure and second because it can interfere with the other application.

I have installed all the collectors in virtual machines. That server only service is the collector.

The same applies to the IVM console. Also the console needs more resources so I not recommend having another service in the same machine.

Hope this helps!


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