Cloud Plugins: Early Access Testing Now Open!

Our engineering team has been working hard on a new feature, dubbed Cloud Plugins, which will allow us to run select InsightConnect plugins on the Rapid7 cloud platform. Early signs indicate this feature helps workflows execute more quickly and lightens the burden of deploying and managing an Orchestrator.

If you are interested in getting early access and helping us test this feature, then please comment or reach out to me via email @!

I’ll help where I can with Cloud Plugin s testing, I’m always creating draft Workflows to test how something will look or work and could easily do that in a test environment

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Fantastic! Thanks a ton Brandon, I’ll shoot you a note via email shortly.

I’ve been running a Workflow that has high volume (Over 1000 runs in the past 7 days) and I use the Datetime Cloud Plugin quite a few times in it (Add to Datetime, Subtract from Datetime, Epoch from Date, date from Epoch, and Time elapsed) and so far no issues


@brandon_mcclure Thank you for the feedback as always. We are very excited about what we are seeing with cloud plugins and glad to hear you haven’t run into any problems using them in your workflows.

We wanted to let you know as of last night we made the latest versions of the Rapid7 Vulnerability & Exploit Database, Type Converter, HTML, and Basename plugins available for cloud use as well. Hope you can find some use for them!

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I actually already added a Type Converter as a cloud today to a workflow :slight_smile:

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