Cloud Configuration Assessment (CCA)

Anyone have the newest CCA enabled? I was a preview customer and am really not happy with the new offering. I have to imagine that something got messed up when going from preview to GA. Can someone please confirm or deny that you are seeing a far less useable UI? Does yours look like this??
Screenshot 2021-12-28 151643_LI

My CCA looks like this, I was slightly confused by it. We use Azure within our company and the instructions are out of date as things such as Azure Active Directory Graph have been replaced. Reading through them they didn’t make sense.

I have been looking forward to this release for sometime and now I am slightly disappointed by it

Agreed. The preview was so well done and valuable, this has been a disappointing step in the wrong direction. Thank you for verifying.

Hi Chris, absolutely agree…the UI also changed on the InsightIDR side e.g. Investigations page where they took away the previously breakdown of alert types etc…Closing of investigations dropdown also not always working…not impressed with the new look :frowning: