Cisco WLC 5520

So, we have a Cisco WLC 5520 currently used to handle our WiFi. We have the logging set to send to our collector, level = Informational, facilitiy = syslog. My problem is, the logs coming in mean nothing and the log lines them selves are very vague with very little information, I have gone thru several variations and versions of the log manuals from cisco and others and I just can’t seem to find any reason to ingest these logs. I’m wondering if anyone else has used these types of controllers and if you’ve had success in triggering any kind of alerts of the logs you get. Or is it a setting change that needs to be made.

Thanks in advance

We log our Cisco WLC’s almost exclusively for the Logon events. However, if all of your authentication is going through Cisco ISE, it might be redundant.

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