CIS policy scanning on insightAgents

How can we scan for CIS benchmarking when we use insightAgents only and we do not have shared scan credentials?


hmmm AFAIK, CIS based assessment thru the InsightAgent is not currently possible. Though from what I gather before this is in the works already just that no concrete ETA were given.

PS: I also raised that query last year :slight_smile:


Yeah performing policy scans are not possible via Agents, the docs make this clear: Scan Engine and Insight Agent Comparison | InsightVM Documentation


Thank you for information :+1:

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As other says, it is not currently possible. They were planning to add that feature by end of 2021 but I think I have seen they are now targeting early 2022.

I have been wanting this feature as well. Is there a way to inquire on where it is on the development roadmap?

CIS policy assessment using InsightAgents is currently planned for the first half of 2022

That’s the limitation InsightAgents have. We can’t perform policy scans using InsightAgents. Only local checks can be performed. You may refer below article :

Scan Engine and Insight Agent Comparison | InsightVM Documentation (

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Looking forward to policy scans via InsightAgent. We also asked a year ago and we’re told it was coming end of 2021. I guess first half of 2022 isn’t so bad, but this has become more important than ever considering new ways of working with lots more folks at home!

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