CIFS credentials failed during scan but test OK during credential check

I am facing an issue with the scan credentials.
When I check the credentials on the device under the site page, they work just fine on both 135 and 445 ports.
But when I perform the scan, they end up failing.
I am using a Local Scan engine. Right now I don’t have the option to install agents on individual machines.

Did someone face a similar issue?

I would suggest enabling scanning diagnostics in your scan template and then rescanning that specific asset in question. After re-scan there should be an entry under the vulnerabilities for that asset labeled “Scanning Diagnostics: …” which you can click on to view the proof and possible remediation steps.

Thanks John!
I had that enabled to start with.
Do the diagnostics show up in the services section?
In that case I have the CIFS failing on port 445

The services show you a little information so like the fact that it’s failing on 445 is probably enough to start with but I’m referring to the vulnerabilities section which should have a separate line in there.

We just got this issue resolved.
Apparently, the option ‘Enable Windows services during a scan’ under scan template settings needs to stay enabled.
This allows the scan engine to modify Windows registry and modify credentialing issues automatically.