Choose the color of your IDR Dashboard visualizations

Sometimes the “little” things can have a great impact, the ability to choose your own colors for your IDR dashboards is no exception:


It’s nice not staring at the same colors on a daily basis. To choose your colors, go to the configure chart (section 3) portion of the card, either when creating a new card or editing an existing card!


Hi Stephen,

this has been on my mind for a long time but I’ve never made an Idea/Feature Request, so it’s great to see it in action now! I’ve tried it and would like to give the following feedback:

  • Conditional Colors #1: For example I have a card that shows me a count of something. If the count is 0, I’d like to have another/default color than when the count is > 0. This way something would jump right into my face when checking those Cards.
  • Conditional Colors #2: It’s not possible right now to use colors for tables. For example an asset exceeds a threshold and those values are in a specific color. I have a card that shows me the outbound traffic from our domain joined assets. If an asset sends > 10 GB it would be nice to have a catchy color for this.
  • Misc: When selecting a color, only 5 are listed and you have to scroll to see the others. It would be nice, if this selection would be screen sensitive. I have enough vertical space to show all of the colors right away and that would make the selection faster.

I really like this update because now I can set the same color for the same things like outbound/inbound/internal traffic on different cards and it makes the whole dashboard more enjoyable to look at.


Hey @RHolzer,

Thank you for the feedback, I went ahead and let the folks responsible for dashboards know on my side! You and I think alike for the uniformity of colors throughout multiple dashboard cards, good to be able to visually create a story across more than 1 card!

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