Checking Insight Agents for a hostname fails unexpectedly, host has the agent

Getting this

Could not find agent matching {myhostname} of type Host Name. Check the agent input value and try again. Response was: NA

when the host does have the agent and I am doing the same exact search in IDR which it does pull back an agent doing it there just not in ICON.

How recently did you add that system?

There’s a 6-12 hour delay to replicate data across the VM databases.

@jon_schipp Had an idea on this one too…It might be a case sensitivity problem. We’ve got a fix incoming for that.

In the meantime, if you make sure your hostnames are the same case, it might work.

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It’s had the agent for a while, years.

Can you see if it’s the case-insensitivity problem?

I suspect this is the case sensitivity problem - we have a fix for this in review. Keep your eyes open for the InsightAgent plugin version 1.0.2!

I put in the same hostname in IDR/ICON and only IDR finds it. It’s like the ICON api call is running the pagination and never ends up finding it based on that hostname.

Let’s see if the new version of the plugin solves the issue and, if it doesn’t, let’s get a support case opened up for us to track this. I’ve seen this exact same behavior because of a case-mismatch issue (and no, the capitalization IDR uses in alerts doesn’t match the agent’s name in the agent management page). I wouldn’t recommend opening a case until we’ve verified the new version of the plugin has the same problematic behavior.

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@hayden_redd version 1.0.2 just hit the extension library! Could you give it a try?

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yea you fixed it lol