Cheat Sheet for SQL Query commands in Rapid7?

Hello, I wanted to ask as I can not find it myself if there is some resources that gives all the commands and possible queries we can make within Rapid7 kind of like a cheatsheet for commands and outlines all possible queries possible for within the platform, any resource is much appreciated!

@Cronic1000 – This resource has a lot of examples and a good detailed explanation of the schema as well: SQL Query Export examples | InsightVM Documentation

Thank you, seems like a great resource, I will be using this a lot from now on

Where has this page gone?.. can no longer access it

So those example query pages were pretty outdated queries that were pulled over from the old discuss forums and placed into the docs as examples. We have currently pulled all of the example queries and are internally vetting them. They may return as the top 10 most useful queries but there is no hard timeline on that.

That link will still take you to the same page but will inform you to come here for any help or questions with SQL queries. The other pages for the fact/dimension tables still exist and are accurate for building out your own queries though.

So basically if you have any queries you want to build you can always start a new topic and ask here in the discuss forums and someone will most likely be able to help you here.