Changing report ownership

Is there an easy way to find out the owner of a report and als change that ownership in bulk?

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For a single report you can open up the advanced settings at the bottom and expand the Access section which will list the report owner.

To change all reports in bulk associated to a giver owner you could use the API. Postman works great for this or you could write a little Python script to change the user-id value of the owner.

For example I can use Postman to get all the reports and in the response is a numeric id for the owner: InsightVM API (v3)

From there I just need to get the other user ids: InsightVM API (v3)

Then you could essentially just iterate through all those reports and change the current user id to the desired user id: InsightVM API (v3)

Hi John, thanks very much. That sounds promissing. I’ll take a look.