Changes to Dashboard and Reporting

I have yet to investigate the benefits. All I do know is today it has been really disruptive as it took me a while to work out why there was no data in my dashboards. Now I find I can drill down into the logs. Experience so far poor and annoying.

Hi Mark. Sorry to hear you haven’t had a great first experience with our new Dashboards. Has your data reappeared as you would expect, or are you still having issues that we can help with? Just as a note, we have heard feedback in regards to the “Go to logs” feature being unavailable, and it is something we are actively reviewing.

Hi there!

The visual makeup looks fine (the font seems clearer. even when vertical etc,…), but the update took some options away, didn’t it?

  1. It’s not possible to jump to logs from a card anymore, is that right? At least there is no button with “go to logs” like before when clicking on the edit-icon. That’s a big drawbag in my opinion.
  2. The dashboard doesn’t use the whole width from the screen resolution anymore. Before the update the cards were stretcht to the whole width, now the width is fixed and Iam having a huge blank boarder left/right. As Iam working primarily on a ultra wide monitor, this annoyes me :wink:
  3. The Pie Chart now only shows the values below the pie instead of next to the piece of cake ;-). Even with a limit of 10, for me it’s now harder to recognize the ratio of the values.

Again, the biggest negative is the missing “go to logs” button. Was it really intended to remove this function? I’ve used it every day, or is there something I misunderstand?

Hi Robert. Firstly, thanks for your feedback. The good news is that teams are picking up work to reintroduce the Go To Logs feature. I can keep you posted on when we’re expecting to see it live. I’ll also see what we can do on your other two points of feedback. Appreciate your patience with this and please let us know if you have any more feedback.

Hi both, just a quick note that the Go To Logs feature has now been reintroduced into IDR Dashboards. Feel free to get in touch if you’ve any further issues or feedback!


Hi @cathal_bergin1, thanks for the update. Iam more than happy to have the Go To Logs button back again! :relaxed: