Change email report subject and csv name?


Early some wonderful forum members helped me with a SQL report to send a list of asset in sites to their owners for verification.

This has been a great help.

In trying to make the process less confusing for my users I would love to be able to specify the email subject header and the report name, is this possible, I do not see a way in the gui to accomplish this and need more submerging in SQL to get there.

I am currently creating a SQL report with the following - thank you @troy_newcomb !

select name, target from dim_site_target
join dim_site using (site_id)
where included = true and name in(‘site1’,‘site2’)

Then Advanced > distribution and filling in owner emails …

The email comes through with the subject of

InsightVM Report: ‘report name’ No Vulnerabilities found

and the attachment is named report.csv

I would love to be able to define the email subject and report name if possible

But at a minimum at least remove the ‘No Vulnerabilities found’ part of the subject.