Case insensitive search but not partial match

Hi, how can I make a case insensitive search but without partial matching?
Example: I need to search for IKEV2, and I don’t know the case, but if I use loose option, the search returns also IKEV1.
And if I do a search “ and (ipsec or ikev2), loose”, the loose options applies also to the ip address.

Hey @mlazzarotto,

So I would recommend the use of simple regex for case insensitive search which would look something like this:

where("" AND ipsec OR /ikev2/i)

so in short whatever you put in between //i becomes case insensitive.


Hey, thank you! I didn’t think about using regex.
I guess that works only in Advanced queries, right?

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heyo!!! Regex works in simple mode too, although it’s a bit easier, for me at least, to do it in advanced mode. Since simple mode does the where() for you, all you would need to do would be to type the following into the query bar in simple mode:

"" AND ipsec OR /ikev2/i

same thing as advanced you just don’t need to input your where() at the beginning since it gets added for you. Just be sure to check the area right above the query bar where it says “Your query is where()” and you will see if you did it correctly. Also feel free to paste the query in this thread if you’re having issues.


Thank you so much sir

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Not a problem, always glad to be able to help, and congratulations on your first post to the discussion forums! This is a great place to provide feedback, request some help, or just shoot the breeze with not only other Rapid7 customers but also Rapid7 employees!! Have a great rest of your day and if you have any further questions regarding log search ask away!!!