Can't you have multiple functions in a Python script (Insight module)?

Losing my mind a bit here.

I have the usual run function, inside that function I call another function I’ve defined at the bottom.
It causes unexplainable errors, and I cannot seem to figure it out. Something as simple as this:

def search_object(hostname, urlv):
    schema = 'aql/objects' # gate for assets/insight
    path = urlv + schema # combine
    auth = HTTPBasicAuth("svc.dklyitsm01.SDUpd", secret_key)
    ## bla bla do stuff
    ci_data = "bla"

def run(params={}):
    import json
    import requests
    from requests.auth import HTTPBasicAuth

    hostname = params.get('message') # get input
    hostname = str(hostname)
    urlv = ""

    ci_data = search_object(hostname, urlv)

    return ({"result1": str(ci_data)})

Causes "insightconnect_plugin_runtime.exceptions.PluginException: An error occurred during plugin execution!

Could not run supplied script Response was: search_object() missing 1 required positional argument: ‘urlv’"

Why? As you can see I’m clearly passing 2 args as required, and both vars are available.

I have a feeling it’s because insight considers my “search_object” to be my “run” function, but if I reverse the order I just get another error instead, breaking even more things.

Does the plugin just not support multiple functions?

Turns out you can make in-function functions.

So inside the def you can define additional features. Also turns out the main function doesn’t have to be named “run” but can be arbitrary named.

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