Can't reach InsightVM security console

Is anyone having problems getting to their InsightVM security console? I have been trying to reach the console for over 3 hours now with no success. I get the error message stating that the site can’t be reached. Every other site/app is working on my network except this. I also don’t have any issues getting to and logging into the InsightVM platform, just the security console. Any help will be great.

The most probable answer is that you account is locked due to failed attempts, and you need to unlock it with an admin account.

Insight cloud is a shared component and there it makes sense to check with the community. The security console is your own infra so local authentication issues will obviously only impact yourself.

Not sure if this is already resolved or not as it was 2 days ago but this would most likely be due to the console/vm being down and not an authentication issue. If you’re trying to navigate to the console from within insightVM (for example, log into and log into IVM and then select the Home Screen) you will normally get an error message that looks like the little gray robot saying that the console can’t be reached. This could either be because the console is down (for a couple reason: updating, maintenance, backup, manual restart initiated by someone else, vm powered off, network issues) or certificate issues.

If your console is using a self signed cert and you have never imported a CA signed cert it’s possible that your browser no longer trusts the site and will not allow you to navigate to it from within IVM. For this I would suggest opening a new tab and navigating directly to the console URL and accepting the risk to move on. From there you do not need to log directly into the console but you can return to your previous tab of IVM and try clicking on one of the console pages again.

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