Can't pair my scan engine to cloud. Command does not exist!

Hello Everyone

Due to some business needs, I loaded a Try-Me License to evaluate some features.

However I encountered multiple issues. One of them is this:

I want to pair my scan engine to the cloud…BUT, the copy&paste command that the " Data Collection Management" tab presents IS NOT A VALID command!

This is the command:
pair to platform eu:

How can I solve this issue?

Did you purposefully leave out the actual pairing key after “eu:” or did it not give you anything in the platform?

Me too, still don’t know how to fix that

This command should only give the error of “Command does not exist” if you’re on a non-prod InsightVM license. Things like the trial license or a base Nexpose license would not have this capability as those features don’t get loaded in until a full license is applied.