Cancel test run of InsightConnect Workflow?

When developing/building a Workflow, the Test button is very useful: run the Workflow with ad hoc parameters to see how it behaves without enabling the Workflow and its Trigger. However, a test of a Workflow doesn’t show up under Jobs, and once it’s running, I don’t see any way to cancel a test.

I recently ran a test where I had mistakenly removed some filtering from a dataset, so instead of sending 4 or 5 messages to Teams, I ended up sending dozens of messages to my Teams test channel, one after the other. Not ideal. This was my mistake, sure, but it would be really useful to interact with the test run the same way I could if it was a running Job from an active Workflow.

The Workflow execution happens on the Insight platform in the cloud, so unless InsightConnect exposes some controls (or API?) I don’t think there’s any way for me stop that test run. If I look on the local Orchestrator where the Teams plugin executes, it might be possible to prevent the Teams plugin from communicating with Microsoft 365 which would then prevent the Workflow from continuing since I have that step set to end Workflow execution on failure, but that’s a hacky workaround.

Am I missing something, or is this a downside of the Test button?

I’ve ran into a similar issue myself recently, and it is a feature request I can put in to see if something can be done to allow you to cancel a test.

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I agree, I thought I remember seeing something about test history a long time ago… maybe I was dreaming. But I not only remember the ability to do what you want, but also see previous test runs (Ever run a test, then forget the output and have to run it again just to capture something?)


Yes indeed I have :slight_smile:

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