Can we use the Macros in Rapid7 to address the issue Attackers might be trying to steal your information from for https URL

I have a URL which is having the protocol https. As we are using the self signed certificate for SSL we are getting the screen like below in browser.


If it is in browser we can access the page by clicking on continue unsafe button.

But when we try to have dynamic analysis using Rapid7, we are facing Bad Auth.

We tried using macros also still facing the Bad Auth issue.

Can you please suggest to resolve this issue in Rapid7 Macros authentication?

In cases like this, the engine is going to ignore warnings like “Your connection isn’t private” and proceed with the analysis anyway, similar to how you can manually proceed in your browser. With that in mind, this most likely isn’t an SSL problem, but potentially some other type of authentication issue after this screen.

So if the application does have auth following this screen, then that would be the place to begin troubleshooting the error.